Welcome to Hansa Event and Gotland

We’ll take you to adventures beyond the guidebooks

Meet Gutes (Gotlanders), bysar (a legendary gnome-like creature that haunts the woods), voles (small rodents) or ordinary Gotlanders in their natural habitat. Visit sites, explore the wilderness, history and culture and, quite simply, experience the authentic Gotland.

With more than 10 years experience in the meeting and event industry at Gotland and thousands of successful events, we dare to say that we are the best when it comes to deliver genuine Gotlandish experiences.

What makes us so confident that we can be your preferred full-service partner for Gotland is our key asset – our team! A dedicated group of individuals who are committed to show you the best the destination has to offer whilst also providing the very best service. We work tirelessly to ensure we exceed any expectations – Attention to detail, forward thinking and creativity makes us confident that you’ll see the unique touches that make us stand out.

Meetings to remember – at our home turf of Gotland!

Please contact us at info@hansaevent.se